Dragon Lady's Fics


Autumn of Anticipation
Rating: PG13

Dangerous Games
Rating: PG13
Strange Beginnings
Enter Daisuke
Pasts Revealed
Stranger Circumstances
Wings 'N Things

Double O Daisuke
Rating: PG13
Part One

Eternal Damnation
Rating: R

For Love of Evil
Rating: PG13

Friends Forever, Together Forever
Rating: PG13

Let Forever Start Now
Rating: PG13

Magical Game
Rating: PG13
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

Much Ado About Nothing
Rating: PG13
What Shall Follow
Rating: PG13

My Everything
Rating: PG13

Rather Pointless Kensuke
Rating: PG13

Snow Angels
Rating: PG13

The 10th Kingdom
Rating: R
A Bit of Bad Luck
Wolves and Trolls and Princes, Oh My!
A Wolf Comes Calling & Wishes Go Awry
Through the Looking Glass
Fatal Attraction
Disappearing Act
Midas' Mistake
Portentous Predictions and Forbidding Fortunes
Most Definitely Cursed
Rapunzel, Rapunzel
Little Bo-...Sheep?
The Beautiful Sheep and Shepherdess Contest (Utter Humiliation)

You Must Love Me
Rating: R