Kinslayer's Fics


The Mistakes We Make
Rating: NC17
Warning: Rape, bondage, torture, and other evils taken to the extreme. TAKE THIS WARNING SERIOUSLY!
Day One - Capture and Slavery
Day Two - Morning and Afternoon
Day Two - Interlude
Day Three - Lesson Three
Day Three - Descent
Day Four - Deceptive Truths and Truthful Deceptions
Day Four - A Kaizer's Love
Day Five - Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life
Epilogue 1 - Endings and Beginnings
Epilogue 2 - Revelations
Epilogue 3 - Dancing on Glass
Epilogue 4 - Heads or Tails
Epilogue 5 - Mazes
Epilogue 6 - Wasted Efforts
Epilogue 7 - "Ah, how well I do remember, it was in the bleak December..."
Epilogue 8 - The Mistakes We Make
Epilogue 9 - Look Back, Look Forward
Epilogue 10 - Epilogue

The Promised Land
Rating: NC17
Changing Weather
Desperate Measures
Balance of Power
Beautiful Lies
Don't Turn Around

The following is an entry for Herongale's contest. You can find the rules for the contest here.

The Walls Between
Rating: NC17
Summer's Breath
Event Horizon
Spiral Dances
Paths Not Taken
The Storm
A Touch of Frost
The Pillar at the Center of the World
A Reflection Turned Backwards
Unto the Ends of Time
The All-Conquering